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We J.V Group of Co., always believe Social responsibility is a duty to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems. We look into it from heart more than duty.We always involve our employees in CSR activities so it creates positive environmental
initiatives among them and forges a stronger bond between company.
So Far.

Green Energy:

Growing concern for the global warming led to the world’s interest in renewable energy resources. Wind Mill is considered to be the most environmental friendly and viable energy resource. Recognising its Social Responsibility, JV had already started investment and sourcing wind energy. Presently JV has Green power generation capacity of 13 windmills across Tamil Nadu that can generate 11 MW, to support its power requirement through captive consumption.

In the resource development, Green Energy is playing a leading role and accordingly part of the electricity is fulfilled.

1) Wind Energy 60 % gaining and growing.
2) 20% Solar Energy is generated & consumed in J.V.Tapes
3) Bio Diesel is used for Power generators.

Tree Plantation:

We have planted around 25,000 plants to increase wet land area. More the greener areas more the oxygen produce to bring more good air and rain to reduce the environmental impact from industrialisation. And planning to increase tree plantation up to 25% each year and growing.And in future.,

Our Vision:

Towards agriculture where more up-gradation and more support is needed in India to meet out population growth. Research and development facility for soil testing and cultivation. Supporting locality farmers to increase wet land area with r&d facility in dry and uncultivated areas. Introducing of new innovation and techniques from time to time in development of
agronomy and employment opportunities. Creating awareness about organic materials and pesticides among farmers in locality. Supporting the state and central government scheme towards green, health and environment by creating awareness people around locality about sanitation and health.And more would add up our contribution in near future.