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Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd.

Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd.

Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd.

Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd.

Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd.

Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd.

About Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd

Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture of 100% Cotton yarn both semi and combed for both Knitting & Weaving. This spinning unit was started in the year 1997 as the group’s spinning arm and to consolidate its position as a vertically-integrated manufacturer and now it is having a capacity of 50000 spindles. A decade later, the second unit was started in the year 2007 and it is also having a capacity of 50000 spindles at present. The third unit Manchester Textile Private Limited, with a capacity is of 20000 spindles started in the year 2013. The present total production capacity of the three units works out to 120000 Spindles.

The company is capable of producing all types of yarns like Hosiery, Weaving, Slub, Fancy and Compact, in combed and semi combed forms, in counts ranging from 16’s to 100’s both in normal & organic cotton. With a production capacity of 40 tons per day, our yarn is sold across all parts of India through agents and is also exported to the other Asian countries, Middle East and European countries.

The spinning is certified for ISO 9001:2008 and also certified for manufacturing Organic yarns.


Latest machinery in our spinning division include,

 Comber Preparatory and Comber – RIETER from SWITZERLAND
 Draw Frames – RIETER from Switzerland and LMW
 Simplex – LMW
 Ring Frame LR60/A – LMW
 Auto Coner- MURATEC Q PRO From Japan and Schlafhorst338 from Germany
 Yarn Clearer – USTER Quantum 3 with polypropylene from Switzerland
 Sieger Yarn Conditioning Machine
 USTER® HVI 1000, Uster AFIS Pro Testing Machine
 Suessen Compact Machine

Knitting – This division is equipped with high speed automatic circular knitting machines with a capacity to manufacture 3000 kgs / day. These machines can manufacture fabrics of various dia (9 Dia to 34 Dia) & designs to meet with the customer requirements. It houses Imported machineries from Mayer & Cie , Pai Lung and Indian make machines.

Spinning – Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd is in the forefront for the manufacture of 100% cotton yarn which has a combined capacity of 1,25,000 spindles spread across three units. They produce approximately 100 MT of cotton yarn per day of counts ranging from 16s to 100s. The third unit Manchester Textile Private Limited, with a capacity is of 25000 spindles has been commenced its production.
This company has earned good pride from customers and supplying best quality yarns at the competitive prices .

The unit wise details are as under :

  • Unit I 50,000 Spindles installed
  • Unit II 50,000 Spindles installed
  • Unit III 25,000 Spindles installed

Latest machinery in our spinning division include,


We, Manufacturers of 100% cotton yarn, pleased to announce that we are now supplying the following types of yarn with best quality and with compactitive price :


Count Range – 20s,25s,30s,34s,40s,50s & 60s
Quality available – Red Lable,Violet Lable & Green Lable yarns


Count Range – 36s,40s,44s,50s,60s,64s,68s & 80s
Quality available – Super Combed RL-Compact Yarn with 3000 CSP,
Combed RL Yarn with 2850 CSP
Karded GL Yarn

Single & Double Yarn in both Hosiery & Weaving
Ring Doubling & TFO Yarn
Slub Yarn
Hanks-Single & Double Yarn
Compact yarn in both hosiery & in weaving


Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd.
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